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"But Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean, who is also a doctor, said: 'As a physician, I am outraged that the Senate has decided it is qualified to practice medicine.' He said the legislation 'will endanger the lives of countless women.'"
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I went out this morning in my neighborhood at the Andersonville Arts Smorgasbord with a group of people I found using deanlink to pass out fliers, posters, and bumperstickers for Dean. I live in a pretty progressive neighborhood, so many of the folks were pretty responsive or at least polite. Only one person said, "I'm voting for Bush." but then, he and I had a nice discussion while he waited for the light to change so he could cross the street. I'm not the type of person who will try to convert those who have already really thought about the issues and made a decision, and since this guy didn't seem to be too impressed by the fiscal responsibility that Dean has demonstrated, and is a Bush supporter because of his foreign policy, I knew I wasn't going to be able to convert him. I did talk to one couple who were from South Carolina, who said they were Republicans, but felt that we need to get rid of Bush. They asked just for a summary of Dean and what he's about, so I told them that many people describe him as a fiscal conservative and social progressive. I also told them to at least check out the Dean Web site, where there's a link to Republicans for Dean. It was a great morning, and it was a good chance to meets some other Dean supporters. Thanks Glenn for organizing us!
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